After the incontinence issues my old fridge had and having to get a new one as well as being roped into the marketing and springing for a washing machine, I found my kitchen needed a spruce. It’s obviously far too small for my needs, but then I do wonder if I would ever be satisfied with the size of my cooking space, it could be the size of Kathmandu and I might think, hmmm I wonder where I could put this bamboo chopping board? Anyway, as I don't have the luxury of space, I decided to move things around and get rid of some things as well, which started off a dilemma I didn’t know (forgot) I had. My main problem is while I have zero qualms about giving things away, even if I’d only just bought it, my husband who is ridiculously sentimental suddenly seems to find a new love and need for anything that looks like it might be destined for the charity shop. The Russell Hobbs Heritage Machine and the juicer were on the counter; I couldn’t remember the last time I used either of them and was about to relinquish them to my planned heap of krash (kitchen trash) when in walks the Madam to my Eve. Apparently, he’s bee planning a juice diet forever but it’s not been the right time and now with winter, it wouldn't be possible till next September so the juicer had to stay. I was also duly reminded that I had used the blender last week to make ice-lollies with cream and strawberries for my girls. This case-pleading on behalf of the Heritage Machine did remind me of the time I tried to throw out his black converse high tops, which hadn’t been touched in 3 years but the minute my evil plan came to light, suddenly he loved them too much to let go and then wore them everyday for 3 weeks straight. He hasn’t worn them since, that was last January. So we compromised, we let go of the juicer and kept the rest, seeing as I did use it last week and really if we really wanted to, we could juice in a blender? Then I was struck by the existential question: what on earth do I really need? And it started getting really serious; I mean how often do I use the defy microwave (I use it as a mirror every morning, but that doesn't count)? Is that really a necessary accessory for me? What about the cereals we have on the counter? Do we need 4 different types of cereal, realistically? I mean, there are four people in my family and we all eat different things in the morning – but did we really need to? I stopped this line of thinking when I started wondering if I could get a camp stove to save on space. I decided to tackle my ferris wheel spices next – they have now been relocated to the wall under the guise of a kitchen feature and ornament, which is certainly a crowd-pleaser. They aren’t an appliance as such, but I can’t imagine my life without crushed coriander or vanilla pods. You’ll be happy to know the microwave stayed as well as the coffee maker. The hand blender, which is essential and probably the most used gadget in my kitchen, was always safe, but I moved it to a cupboard and got rid of the electric tin opener. The diamond kettle and toaster were safe too. The waffle maker almost met its end but my daughters, who have the same misplaced sentimentality as their father, managed to talk me off the ledge and saved their waffles, so it’s still there, taunting me because I can only bear to use it around once a month, it’s such a massive faff. So, I moved things about and it did look better and I realised that the only thing on my krash heap was the juicer, which on second thought probably should stay, especially now as I have a counter free after the spice shelves. And anyway, the blender blends, it doesn’t remove pulp. The juicer removes pulp. It's staying.