Is there anything more annoying in life than one of your kitchen appliances going on the fritz? I’ve just noticed my defy fridge-freezer, of considerable years, has started to leak. I’m not sure where the leak is from or what’s causing it, as I’ve checked every part of it and all seems to be well. But, whenever I’m near the fridge, there’s a pool of water at the bottom, and so despite our years together, I’m considering parting ways with this – until recently - trusty keeper of my sustenance. I haven’t bought a fridge in so long, I have no idea where to start, but I suppose my first consideration would have to be value for money, and I like buying local mainly to ease off on my carbon footprint; so if I was in Korea, I’d go for Samsung, in Turkey I’d get a Beko and in South Africa, it would have to be Defy - also they're quite practical. I’d probably also check the energy efficiency of the product, if it has an A label, it’s a good indicator of an excellent energy rating – oh and it would have to fit in the fridge space in my kitchen. Maybe that seems obvious but there is nothing worse that having the wrong sized appliance in a kitchen (for me anyway); I had a friend who didn't seem to notice her fridge stuck out of all ends of the corner it was stuffed in, or that I walked into it every time I visited. Super uncool. My mom is one of those people who has a fridge freezers as well as a deep freezer stacked to the brim with all sorts of goodies, I’m slightly more minimal and tend to get my groceries on a regular basis. I have a feeling if I’d had a deep freeze, it would open up all sorts of issues including possibly forgetting about the existence of my freezer goods well past the date it’s safe to eat them. Having said that, the next fridge I get would have to be a fridge/freezer and reasonably-sized for my family – mainly my two children who could actually eat most of the contents and apparently still be hungry. My current fridge is white but I think, since I am changing why not add a splash of colour? I love how retro the Smeg fridge freezers look, especially the red and the pastel blue, but I also am starting to come round to the idea of a water dispenser. How convenient…and self-indulgent?! Apparently, the Smeg doesn't come with a water dispenser and also it doesn’t fit in with my buy local plan or budget! I guess I could go for a Defy silver grey with a water dispenser, which then meets both the colour and the dispenser plan. I feel quite energised now, excited even, the possibilities are not exactly endless but they're certainly fact, excuse me while I look for a silver-grey water dispensing fridge freezer. And, while I’m at it, I might also search for an energy efficient washing machine that has a dryer and also folds your clothes after. I have seen the Defy Side By Side F790 which ticks all my boxes and is eco friendly, but I would like to explore my other options.