I think I’ve explained how much I love online shopping and I really do, but apps, are a whole other ball game. If you get the wrong app – in fact, the wrong website - the experience is atrocious. The Buyizzy app was pretty easy to find and download. Also, when you click on it, it takes about 2.1 seconds to open up – I counted. That’s because it’s not uploading with a bunch of adverts to throw at you the minute you get in. Thank you Buyizzy.com for understanding how I want to shop and designing an app that does not irritate me. The interface is kind on the eye – I really cannot stand it when you’re assaulted with colours and constantly moving pictures – it’s an app for goodness sake, it doesn’t need bells and whistles. I want to get in, buy something, then get out and carry on with life and I can really do that with this app. Searching for products is pretty simple, and you don’t have to go looking for that magnifying glass icon with a magnifier of your own, the search bar is one of the first things you see as soon as you open the app, at the top of the screen. But, if you’re just browsing, scroll to the bottom to see what’s on sale at the moment. This is pretty awesome for South Africa isn’t it? We’re actually getting the opportunity to buy products online and get it delivered to our doors. What a fantastic way to shop. The only thing I would say is the delivery is pretty long, especially when you compare it to Amazon who provide free delivery to premium customers in the US and UK. But Amazon wouldn't do that in South Africa and I guess this is exactly what Buyizzy is trying to do. But it needs more of our support to help make those changes within delivery firms. But I digress, back to the app; there does seem to be a bunch of electronics going right now – but sadly it seems like they’re right out of wax pebbles…what the heck are wax pebbles anyway? It sounds a bit like something that might come out of your ears. But, this, people, is really what I love about the internet; you can get your 128 GB Samsung Galaxy S9 right along with your Montblanc perfume and some wax pebbles. Here's a bit of cheese…you can really buy easy on Buyizzy. PS: Their apps are also verified on both The Google play store and Apple iStore