I am a big online shopper, in fact, I would unashamedly rather shop online than walk into a store and have to deal with people. And it's not because I have an issue with dealing with people (even though I do) but I find that there are so many benefits to shopping online, I have no idea why people don't do it more. I mean if I had to shop in a physical shop the way I shop online, I might bump into Brenda from work and then might have explain why I'm wearing my pyjamas with the chocolate milk stain, that my child spilt down the front. That would be awkward.

10 Ease -  So yeah, it's quick, it's easy, I can do it whenever I want and if I'm so inclined, in my chocolate milk stained pyjamas, and neither Brenda nor anyone else is going to know.

9 No Restrictions -  In the physical world, I'm restricted by time and what's on offer, but the digital world is actually my oyster. I can get exactly what I want and when I want it and I can choose from literally every shop in the whole world (that has a website and delivers overseas) and who doesn't want that kind of choice?

8 Salespeople - There aren't any - which means you aren't forced to buy something you don't want or like or that you were just looking at but now feel awkward about.

But if you do want to talk to someone, there are phone numbers you can call and more and more websites have 24 hour helplines set up for live chats. This isn't massive yet in South Africa, but the more we shop online, the more online stores will try to make shopping easier for us and set these sorts of things up

7 Other People - Like I said earlier, if you don't want to bump into Brenda, then online shopping is the way forward. But it's also a crowd avoider in general; you don't have to deal with crowds hankering after the same product, queues at the till or your kid suddenly needing the toilet when you've just got to the end of the queue and no-they-cant-wait-2-more-minutes-because-it's-coming-out-NOW.

6 Bigger Discounts on second hand -  Well online you're getting discounts anyway, because e-commerce retailers don't have the same overheads as the physical retailers but you'll also get used items cheaper, from everything like cars to musical instruments.

5 Only what's on the list - You're less likely to impulse buy when you're shopping online because online shopping takes commitment and research and even better you aren't going to pass the tills with the chocolate bars you shouldn't be having to pop them in your trolley.

4 Away from prying eyes - Sometimes you want to buy something, without someone knowing and looking. I mean I don't want to be caught in the lingerie section by anyone, or actually even in the dessert section because I'm supposed to be eating healthier. So hallelujah for Pick'n Pay's online shopping service!

3 Gifts - So much easier to buy something online, get it sent directly to friends and family, so you never miss a birthday or anniversary!

2 Customer Reviews - I'll know before buying a product how people feel about it and also whether the site I'm buying from has good service. In the physical world, that sort of choice just doesn't happen and sometimes I feel we are just forced to accept what we've bought.

1  Better Prices - This is the best part of shopping online, I don't have to settle for what a store manager tells me is his best price, I can get the best price available for the product I want on my own and i can be assured of this. And I don't have to physically walk from store to store to do this, I can make sure I've got the best bargain by using a price comparison website.