1. Do you love entertaining?

    More and more people are using party-planners to save time and effort, and also because event planners can sometimes get better deals on the bits and pieces you may need, because of their relationship with the supplier.But really if you’re shopping at Buyizzy, then you’re one of the savvy people who knows that it’s totally possible to plan a party with minimal stress and with the good deals, right here.Hassim’s Packaging is one of our online shops and they’ve got all bases covered.One of our favourites is the James Bond style virgin Martini shaker (which also makes a great gift for those 007 fans by the way.)We also really like their glass cake dome, just perfect for displaying your perfectly iced macarons – and keeping them fresher.

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  2. Maxwell and Williams

    Crockery is such a personal thing, it’s a chance to compliment your home while also showing off who you are.Whether that’s with your sophisticated stemless glasses or your ethnic-print plates. And it’s such a simple way to dress up your dinner parties – all you really need is a jazzy plate set and some funky napkins.Right now, we’re a bit obsessed with the Maxwell and Williams Cashmere Bloems floral tea set, the tea pot is actually to die for. It’s a quainty, modern-chintzy deal and it’s not too badly priced.The Isfara range is equally adorable, we love the Middle-Eastern pattern and the gold rim adds a little panache that we just love.

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  3. How to Buy from Buyizzy

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  4. Oneplus 6 lands in South Africa

    Oneplus 6—The Smartphone of the decadeThe Oneplus 6 is finally here in South Africa. The phone can be bought from different retailers in South Africa, including Buyizzy. Buyizzy has all the three models, which include: • Oneplus 64GB, 6GB RAM - ZAR9,999.00 • Oneplus 128GB, 8GB RAM - ZAR10,999.00 • Oneplus 256GB, 8GB RAM - ZAR11,999.00 The Oneplus 6 comes in three different colors, including silk white, mirror black and midnight black. The phone’s lighting speed, slick UI and luxe design makes it one of the most attractive smartphones in today’s market. Some of the most notable outstanding features of Onplus 6 include:Oneplus design and build quality One of the things that make the Oneplus 6 to standout from all other phones in its price category (in South Africa) is its glass body. This phone, which is sold in South Africa by Buyizzy is covered by Gorilla Glass 5 both in the front and in back. This makes Oneplus 6 to have a unique design not seen in any other mobile phone. It

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  5. Kitchen Top Essentials

    After the incontinence issues my old fridge had and having to get a new one as well as being roped into the marketing and springing for a washing machine, I found my kitchen needed a spruce. It’s obviously far too small for my needs, but then I do wonder if I would ever be satisfied with the size of my cooking space, it could be the size of Kathmandu and I might think, hmmm I wonder where I could put this bamboo chopping board?Anyway, as I don't have the luxury of space, I decided to move things around and get rid of some things as well, which started off a dilemma I didn’t know (forgot) I had. My main problem is while I have zero qualms about giving things away, even if I’d only just bought it, my husband who is ridiculously sentimental suddenly seems to find a new love and need for anything that looks like it might be destined for the charity shop.The Russell Hobbs Heritage Machine and the juicer were on the counter; I couldn’t remember the last time I used either of them an

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  6. Buyizzy App

    I think I’ve explained how much I love online shopping and I really do, but apps, are a whole other ball game. If you get the wrong app – in fact, the wrong website - the experience is atrocious. The Buyizzy app was pretty easy to find and download. Also, when you click on it, it takes about 2.1 seconds to open up – I counted. That’s because it’s not uploading with a bunch of adverts to throw at you the minute you get in. Thank you for understanding how I want to shop and designing an app that does not irritate me. The interface is kind on the eye – I really cannot stand it when you’re assaulted with colours and constantly moving pictures – it’s an app for goodness sake, it doesn’t need bells and whistles. I want to get in, buy something, then get out and carry on with life and I can really do that with this app. Searching for products is pretty simple, and you don’t have to go looking for that magnifying glass icon with a magnifier of your own, the search bar is one

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  7. Choosing a fridge in South Africa

    Is there anything more annoying in life than one of your kitchen appliances going on the fritz?I’ve just noticed my defy fridge-freezer, of considerable years, has started to leak. I’m not sure where the leak is from or what’s causing it, as I’ve checked every part of it and all seems to be well. But, whenever I’m near the fridge, there’s a pool of water at the bottom, and so despite our years together, I’m considering parting ways with this – until recently - trusty keeper of my sustenance.I haven’t bought a fridge in so long, I have no idea where to start, but I suppose my first consideration would have to be value for money, and I like buying local mainly to ease off on my carbon footprint; so if I was in Korea, I’d go for Samsung, in Turkey I’d get a Beko and in South Africa, it would have to be Defy - also they're quite practical.I’d probably also check the energy efficiency of the product, if it has an A label, it’s a good indicator of an excellent energy rating – oh and it

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  8. Amazon echo dot

    Amazon echo dot - probably the best thing to happen to AI assistance. If you’ve ever watched Humans, the Channel 4 series where the world is full of “synths” or robotic assistants, which look and act human – except they don’t eat, feel, sleep and they need connecting to a power source – you’ll know there is some appeal to having your hands free while someone else sweats the small stuff for you. And the Amazon Echo dot is exactly like that – but without the creepy humanoid following you to every room trying to do your bidding. Of course you have to start every command with “Alexa” which can get pretty annoying, and makes me feel a bit like when I’m nagging my kids, but stuff gets done and that’s what’s important. If you can sort out your shopping list, move your morning meetings, order yourself a taxi and get those flowers sent to your mom overseas, all while you’re getting dressed for work, well, that’s a life hack right there. The obvious differences with the Dot and

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    I remember handling my first ever cell phone, very clearly. My mother was one of the first distributors (or maybe the first) of mobile phones in South Africa for Vodacom. It was 1994, I was 11 and my mom let me take into school for a “show and tell”. It was a Siemens S 1. I might be remembering the size wrong but I think it was about 20cm by 5cm and probably about 7cm in thickness. Vodacom hadn’t actually set any lines up and nobody else had a mobile phone, so there wasn’t anyone to call but the potential of this device was still extremely exciting. A few years later, I was given an orange Siemens S10 for occasional use, and I would make calls and text the few people I knew who had phones. I remember the line quality being absolutely atrocious, and we’d have to run all around the house and sometimes outside to get a decent signal, which still wasn’t great. We didn’t really have much on our phones those days, SMS, calls and there was also Snake;

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    I've just got a new iphone and had no idea that sometimes they go a little loopy when updated with IOS 11. It can cause the App store to not be able to open AT ALL. Extremely frustrating when you're trying to download a new secure app, which doesn't get automatically transferred from your old phone because of its security features.

    Anyway after a ridiculous amount of research when I should have been being creative, I finally managed to fix the problem. Annoyingly, I first tried EVERYTHING else that was suggested on fix-it websites, and then when nothing helped, I just took a chance on a whim.

    So, just in case you have an app store refusing to open after an update, here's what I did, all of which didn't work for me, except one, but they've worked for others.

    Turn it off and on again - Sounds simple, but sometimes the simplest solutions work best. Turn your phone off and on again and it might work for you.
    Sign out of your itunes and

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